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Maximize Value From IT Investments

Today it is widely accepted that Information Technology is transforming business, and in some cases, transforming entire industries.

Expectations of investors, boards, finance, and business executives have changed. Organizations across all industries demand strategic value from their IT investments and expect IT to be a Value Driver - no longer just a Cost Center.

At the same time, there are many more ways to consume Information Technology than ever before. Gone are the days when information services could be provisioned exclusively through time-consuming and big-budget CapEx projects. Virtualization, private and public Clouds, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Managed Service Providers (MSP), and Software-Defined infrastructure (SD-x) are just a few among many options of "IT-as-a-Service."

With so much change over the last 20 years, how much has changed in how you manage IT investments?

  • Has it changed to the same degree as financial investment management with electronic trading and tools like Bloomberg Terminal for investment professionals?

  • Has it changed to the same degree as software development with agile methodology and tools like Atlassian Confluence/Jira for software developers?

Our customer research tells us that the answer is “no.”

Our problem hypothesis is that Information Technology (IT) must be a value driver.

  • Driving value requires collaboration, alignment, and accountability across all value stakeholders.

  • Driving value requires advanced sourcing strategies as today's IT has shifted to orchestrating externally provided OPEX services.

  • Driving value requires continually improving unitized total cost-to-serve, not solely reducing IT cost components.

IT investment professionals are constrained today by data and tools that still treat IT strictly as a cost center as opposed to empowering them to run IT as a value driver.

Our mission is to help organizations maximize value from IT investments by adopting Agile Investment Management to run IT as a value driver. We strive to make it easier to benefit from proven best practices in value management, strategic sourcing, and service costing.

Our goal is to empower IT investment professionals to accelerate decision-making, generate more value, and reduce cost-to-serve by providing better data and tools through our cloud software and our executive roundtable.

Our cloud software is a platform for IT investment management. We bring together an Investment Management Application with Investment Intelligence Data and an Investment Community Network - all running on an innovative technology platform.

Our executive roundtable is a peer forum to pool expertise and investment power. We enable organizations to join forces for mutual benefit - researching and investing together where advantageous. And we offer exclusive privileges to the founding members.

Our vision is to become the world’s largest platform for IT investment management with $100B annual IT investments under management across 2000 organizations of any size and industry within the next ten years.

We aspire to be for IT investment professionals what Bloomberg Terminal is for financial investment professionals and Atlassian Confluence/Jira is for software developers.

We believe COVID-19 is a catalyst for IT Investment professionals to upgrade their IT investment management tools and processes to rapidly capture cost reduction opportunities and reprioritize investments to enable digital transformation

I am interested in hearing your perspective on the state of IT investment management. I encourage you to participate in our survey. Then see how your views compare with your peers.

If you are interested in pooling expertise and investment power with your peers, please consider becoming a Founding Member of the IT Investment Executive Roundtable and enjoy exclusive privileges.

Be Safe - We're All In This Together

Lorenzo Martinelli
Founder and CEO


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Advisors and Investors

Making Connections Providing Advice

Our Advisors and Investors help us realize our vision by making connections to their contacts and providing business and technical advice.

Our Investors have demonstrated their belief in our vision by participating in our Seed Round and we are grateful for their trust in our ability to execute.

Rob Barrett

Principal, Operations Advisory
KPMG Advisory

Kevin Canty

COO, Ichor
VP Operations, Aruba, Juniper

Karen Coyne

COO/Chief Investment Officer
Bedrosian Trust

Carter Crum

SVP Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services

Brenda J. Fox

CEO, Global X-Network
CEO & Founder, Global Connexus

Brian Glanville

Director, Sales Planning & Operations
Proofpoint, Nimble Storage, Cisco

Ray Hein

Founder & CEO, PropelPLM
SVP Products, Apttus, Vendavo, Agile

Randy Hopkins

VP Global Systems Engineering
Pure Storage, Nimble Storage, EMC

Ranga Jayaraman

Associate Dean & Chief Digital Officer
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Ken Jeanos

President & CIO
Panasonic North America

John Jendricks

VP Business Development & Operations
VMware, Nicira, Juniper Networks, Cisco

Bharath Kadaba

SVP & Chief Innovation Officer, Intuit
VP Products & GM, Siebel Systems

Tom Linton

Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer
Flex, LG Electronics, Freescale, Agere/LSI

JD Mumford

Head of Product and Partnerships
Anonyome Labs

Mike Munoz

Chief Revenue Officer
OpsRamp, Skyhigh, Nimble Storage

Tom Oswold

CFO & VP Finance
Silicon Graphics, Activision

Bruce Richardson

Chief Enterprise Strategist, Salesforce
Chief Research Officer, AMR Research

Thomas Runds

VP Customer & Partner Enablement

Detlef Schultz

Chairman of the Board
Vodafone Procurement Company

Jeffrey Serlin

VP Sales Operations & Strategy
Marketo, IBM, Emptoris, Oracle

Frank Slovenec

SVP Worldwide Sales,
VP & GM, Ingram Micro

Matt Teeple

Multiplier Partners

Jorge Titinger

Former President & CEO, SGI
Board Member: Xcerra, CalAmp, HTGC

Scott Wharton

VP & General Manager, Logitech
CEO, Vidtel

William B. Yarmuth

Former Chairman & CEO
Almost Family


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Delivering strategy and planning services to IT investment professionals


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